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Mr. Wong

About Us



A humble beginning from 1984, he curated a small open environment farm with less than 5000 chickens with his beloved family together. Since then, Mr. Wong & his family has accumulated 30+ years of quality organic farming experience. Embarking his first venture into Japan farming back in 2002, he realized an opportunity to produce revolutionary quality eggs in Malaysia's lackluster quality farming. Today, Kenkori Egg has been the upcoming driving trend to major cuisine that shares the same passion & vision in providing quality ingredients to their customers & Mr. Wong has since grown his farm to a sizable land & earned a reputation at the heart of the people in Ipoh, Perak.

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Citrus Fruits

Our Goals


Our Mission:

Amplify the quality of life for our community.

1. Trust that you will receive the highest quality product.
Through consistent innovation to produce the best product yet made conveniently for you.

2. Let us care for you.
We believe a sustainable business is one that enhances the lives of the people & community

3. More than a business.
The true value comes from our investment of the well-being of our team.

"Your body is your most priceless possession, take care of it" - Jack Lalane.

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